Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The search goes on......

Well, William has been without work for a week now. We are looking everywhere for empoyment options. Everyone wants experienced workers though. So we keep trudging along. The thing that really makes me nervous is not having any medical insurance. We are covered thru the end of this month but after that......nothing. I'm worried most about William's health. The tests and trips to doctors in SLC are not cheap. We'll figure out something.

The munchkin is as busy as ever. William has nicknamed her the "3 foot tornado" because of how destructive she can be. She insists on throwing everything out into the middle of the floor when she is playing. She put her toys away only to dump them out a few seconds later. Ay-ya!

We took her to the infant-toddler screening the other day. Sure enough there are concerns in almost every area. Her hearing in the right ear is a little off (they think), there are concerns with her social behaviors, and she is a year behind on her speach. They were going to refer us to some specialists who can run actual evals to see where the problems are, I just haven't heard from them yet. Hopefully we can get her some therapy or what-not so she can get to the levels she should be at this age. Time will tell.

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  1. We've been praying for you guys! Hopefully William can find a job soon. And don't worry too much about Hannah being behind. There are so many stories of kids 'being behind', when in the end they turn out just fine. They just weren't ready at the age other kids were, does that make sense?
    Anyway, c-ya!